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5 cleaning myths that only make your cleaning dirtier

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Nothing is worse than spending your free time cleaning up, but are you actually cleaning or making your home or workplace dirtier? 

In today's market we continually look for the next best cleaning product to help make our lives easier. Here are some common myths to remember when you next decide to clean.


1. Bleach will clean everything

Bleach is good to use when getting out tough stains and making whites whiter, but you should not be using bleach for all surfaces.

Bleach is a great stain remover and disinfectant, but not a great grease cutter for cleaning greasy stovetops and counters. It’s great for laundry stains and bathroom mildew and disinfecting surfaces.

If you need to get dirt and grime out, the best thing to reach for is something with a gritty texture, like baking soda, which serves to loosen up dirt particles. 


2. The best way to clean dust is with a feather duster

Feather dusters just spread dust around and really don’t hold onto it. Instead, microfibre dusters actually do pick up and hold onto dust, and most are both washable and reusable.

Another simple way to remove dust is to use a wet cloth or vacuum.


3. You don't have to clean your dishwashers and washing machines

Dishwashers and washing machines look after themselves, right? Well, no. Dishwashers retain food bits, hard water minerals and the inside can get stained with grease or limescale. Similarly, washing machines get dirty on the inside too. They should be cleaned monthly with a commercial dishwasher cleaner. Your dishwasher may have a cleaning cycle that can be used to help this process.


4. Vinegar is the homemade spray & wipe for all surfaces

Vinegar is a very popular household item that can be used to clean. Vinegar is a good grease cutter and limescale remover, so it’s great for removing hard water stains on fixtures and cleaning windows. But vinegar should not be used to clean granite countertops and wood floors as the acidity within the vinegar will damage the surfaces. 


5. Air fresheners will fix the smell

They may smell great at first, but when using air fresheners you're only really perfuming the room rather than making it cleaner. Most air fresheners just cover up odours with a scent. After the scent fades, the malodour can return.

Instead, it's recommended to use air purifiers that will help clean the air. 

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