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Can Resistance Bands Be Used For Workouts?

After a year of working from home and the general routine of exercising and going to the gym thrown out the window, many people are asking how they are able to get active again?

Well there are solutions of course especially for those who like strength training. If you like being outdoors you could go for a walk or a run in the park. If you like being active indoors you could purchase your own set of free weights to work out with or exercise machines. These options are all well and good, but sometimes means you may end up spending a lot of money on gym equipment or outfits. Well we all need to keep an eye on our spending, however, there is another solution to your problem in the form of strength training, they are known as resistance bands.  

These bands are pretty simple looking and easy to use. They are rubbery in texture and come in different colours, sizes, lengths and strengths. 

Why are they good to use?

The different size and resistance levels of these bands give a wide variety of exercise variations that can target all muscle groups in the body. The band is used to create resistance in order to get full muscle fibre recruitment (i.e. work all the muscles). While you’re using them, they force the muscle fibres to contract which will increase both muscular and bone strength.

What exercises can i do?

There are many exercises that can be achieved by using resistance bands, but here are a few popular exercises that also replicate some of the machines and weights you may use in the gym.

How has the perception of resistance bands changed?

Back in the day resistance bands used to be popular for warm ups and cooling down after workouts for stretching purposes. Soon enough many users were realising if the resistance bands were used correctly, well this is actually a workout in itself because you feel the burn on the muscles.  

How has going to the gym changed? 

The nature of going to the gym is no longer using machines and following certain programmes. We have seen the introduction of exercise classes and more recently shorter exercise times and specific exercise challenges to get people motivated. With many users wanting to be challenged and seeking results quickly, resistance bands offer the opportunity to conduct supersets.  

Strength training at home with limited equipment options, working the same muscles back-to-back in a superset can help pre-exhaust your muscles and make them feel like they’re working harder.

Purchase as much as you like to suit your training regime - with room and money to spare.

If money, space, and availability of products are the biggest factors when people consider a home gym or equipment to keep them active whilst at home.

Resistance bands are seen as the answer as they are affordable, take up next to no space and will give you a workout that will challenge your mindset of just using free weights or exercise machines. 

Give a resistance band a try and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  

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