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Why Use Dental Bibs?

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Why Use Dental Bibs?

Dental bibs are used primarily in dental procedures to keep the patient dry while also maintaining a solid barrier for any bacteria. While dentists have historically been the primary customers of dental bibs, there are many other industries where dental bibs can and are used.

Dental bibs are most commonly used by dentists. Dental bibs are used on patients during any dental procedures. Primarily, a dental bib is employed to protect a patient's garments from liquid and/or solid debris generated during a dental procedure. Further, a dental bib may be used to wipe a patient's face and mouth during or at the completion of surgery.

Tattoo parlors are filled with aerosols, fluids and ink. To help reduce cross-contamination, dental bibs, also known as tattoo bibs, can be used in a variety of ways to maintain a safe working environment. Tattoo artists sometimes provide dental bibs to customers to prevent fluids from getting on to the customer. They can also be used as a lap cloth or table cover for a tattoo artist’s instruments. The absorbent fluid tissue and polyurethane backing means that the tools will not leak on to the surface below it. 

Nail salons use dental bibs to maintain a safe environment for both the customers and employees. The most common use cases of dental bibs within a nail salon is as an equipment or tray cover for their tools. It is best practice to keep many of their tools as clean or sterile as possible. By using dental bibs as equipment or tray covers, nail salons can ensure that their tools are kept as hygienic as possible. In addition, dental bibs may be given to a customer to ensure that any nail polish or any other fluids do not spill onto them during nail procedures.

What are Dental Bibs Made Up of?  

Dental bibs are made of multiple layers of tissue and polyurethane material. You will see dental or patient bibs marketed by their ply. It is most common to see dental bibs come in 2 or 3 ply. The ply most commonly refers to how many layers of tissue paper are included in the bib. The more tissue ply means that there material can absorb any fluids or liquids. While some may prefer 3 ply tissue, it is most common to see professionals go for 2 ply tissue for their patient bib needs.

The other component material of a dental bib is the polyurethane side. This material is what provides the dental bib with its water resistance. To identify which side of a dental bib is the polyurethane side, look to find the side that is shinier. This is the side that is touching the patient when used as a traditional dental bib. When a dental bib is used to hold tools, the polyurethane side should be touching the surface. This ensures that the tools are absorbed by the tissue side while the polyurethane side provides a barrier to ensure that the surface or table does not get wet or damp.

What size does a Dental Bib come in?  

The most common size that dental bibs come in are 45cm by 33cm. While there are other sizes available, this is the standard size for all dental bibs. This size comfortably provides enough surface coverage when worn as a dental bib during a dental procedure. This size also provides more than adequate surface area when used to hold the tools for tattoo artists and nail salons.

Where can i buy dental bibs?

Task Supplies are focused on identifying the best manufacturers for all of our dental products at the best prices. Our dental bibs come in a variety of colours and are used by thousands of dentists, tattoo artists and nail salons across the Australia. 

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